A Day at Camp Concord

8:00-8:30        Wake up

8:30-9:00        Breakfast

9:00-9:30        Cabin clean up

9:30-10:30      Activity 1

10:30-11:30    Activity 2

11:30-12:30    Activity 3

12:30-1:00      Lunch

1:00-2:00        Rest hour

2:00-3:00        Swimming

3:00-4:00        Activity 4

4:00-5:00        Activity 5

5:00-5:30        Return to cabin

5:30-6:30        Dinner and clean-up

6:30-7:30        Evening program

7:30-8:30        Campfire

Our Two Unique Programs

We proudly offer two individualized programs our campers. 

Our Everest Program is designed for younger campers (around age 8-13) will include activities to develop, encourage social skills, and will boost confidence. There are tons of activities to choose from and you don’t need to be an expert! This is an opportunity for the camper to try something new, or become skilled in an area they love. Making friends and keeping them is our goal! 

Our Summit Program is designed for camper’s aged 13 and over. Our highly trained staff will help build social skills while the camper gains critical job and independence skills in a fun, friendly and safe environment. This program will encompass many areas of daily living with active learning opportunities such as making trips into town to do laundry, or purchase food and ingredients for meals. These campers will also take part in activities that contribute to harmonious camp life like cabin duties, maintenance around camp, harvesting vegetable garden, learning work ethics and over coming challenges of working in groups.  Campers will create a “home” of their own at camp and will walk away confident with new skills, a foundation for future employment and being more self sufficient.