Want to join the team?

Concord is looking for staff who have experience working with special needs and enjoy the outdoors.  All staff will be completing a week long training program conducted by teachers, ABA therapists and directors of various camps.

Camp Concord

Summer Staff Job Description

Position: Camp Counsellor

Reports to: Senior Staff Member


• Must be at least 20 years of age

• Experience in working with children

• Experience in working with people with special needs is an asset

• Valid First Aid and CPR Certificates is an asset

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

• Must be creative and energetic

A bronze medallion or higher swim level is an asset 

Camp Concord counsellors require basic leadership skills, compassion, energy, and integrity during all Camp sessions, including one week of pre-Camp counsellor training.

Job Summary

To work in conjunction with counsellors to provide supervision and leadership, and ensure the physical and emotional safety of all campers ages 7 to 30 years.

To ensure that campers' basic needs are met on a daily basis in terms of health, hygiene and nutrition, and campers are supported in adjusting to the schedule.

To work with other counsellors and instructors to lead the campers in recreational and skill development activities, both as a group and individually.

To participate where need be in activities with campers, encourage the development of their skills through positive role modelling.

To adhere to, and interpret to the campers the policies, practices, and procedures of Camp Concord/Cedar Ridge Camp, and to act as a positive role model at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities


Supervise and support a group of campers in conjunction with 2 co-counsellors by:

ensuring the physical and emotional safety of each camper

assisting campers in learning and adjusting to the daily routine

assisting each camper in meeting his/her health, hygiene and nutritional needs

explaining and clarifying camp guidelines and expectations

participating with campers in ALL programs and activities

assisting campers in integrating with Cedar Ridge activities

assisting with the development of social skills

providing fun, safe, and age appropriate activities

modelling appropriate behaviour in all routines, programs, and activities

2) Supervision

Receive supervision and support by:

meeting regularly with the Counsellor Supervisor and other counsellors for feedback

acting on feedback received

seeking out direction from your supervisor whenever you are unsure or unclear about anything

assisting in the implementation of special theme days, evening programs, and other camp activities

being an active member of the Counselling Team, giving input and suggestions and problem solving

3) Assist

In all activities in all camp programs by:

checking equipment and program areas for safety and cleanliness

reporting any unsafe conditions immediately

providing direct leadership during activities

encouraging and motivating campers and staff to participate in activities

participating with campers in programs and activities

taking responsibility for all campers

4) Participate

Fully as part of the overall staff team by:

working co-operatively with all other staff

participating in emergency procedures, such as waterfront and fire drills

supporting and interpreting to other staff and campers all camp policies

acting as a positive role model at all times

assisting in the overall camp program by suggesting ideas, giving leadership when required, and completing all duties as assigned

5) Other related duties:

Perform all other related duties as assigned by a Senior Staff Member or Camp Directors.

To learn more, please send your resume to info@campconcord.ca