Concord is looking for campers with intellectual, behavioural, and communication disabilities aged 7 and up

Concord is looking for campers that are excited about making and keeping friends, who want to build their social skills, gain confidence and have a summer of laughs and fond memories.  Camp Concord works hand in hand with Mansfield Camp sharing the grounds just over an hour from Toronto.  Concord’s cabins and activities are independently run, with the opportunity to join Mansfield Camp for non-competitive activity based events.

Concord provides a safe environment for campers to learn, grow and have fun. We pride ourselves in meeting every new camper and family before coming to camp to ensure proper placement in cabins and activities. We will design your camper’s individualized program around their interests. It’s also great to make a connection and to see a familiar face on the first day of camp. We’ll be there to lend an ear or give a high five!

Days Before Camp!

An Integrated Special Needs Camp Focusing on Social and Life Skills

Benefits of

Camp Concord

  1. *Integrated camp

  2. *2:1 ratio

  3. *RN on Site

  4. *Experienced staff

  5. *Individualized Program

  6. *Tutoring Program

  7. *Specialty Diets

Camp Concord Office
3407 Lake Shore Blvd. W. Toronto    
Ontario M8W 1N2
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